Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This commitment to respect confidentiality explains the personal data they process, the way they are processed by and for what purposes.

References to the services in this commitment include the services, websites, applications and software of.

Read the specifics of the services in this privacy statement that provide additional relevant information. This commitment applies to your interactions with the products listed below, as well as to other products that include this commitment.

  1. The personal data we collect
  2. How we use personal data
  3. Reasons why we share personal data
  4. Your rights
  5. Cookies and similar technologies

1. The personal data we collect

collects data from you, through our interactions with you and through our services, for various purposes described below, including to operate efficiently and to provide you with the best experiences with our products. Provide some of this data directly, for example, when you create an account on the site, submit a search query, place an order, or contact us for assistance. Some of this is obtained by collecting data about your interactions, how you use and your experience with our products and communications.

We rely on various legal grounds and permissions ("legal bases") for data processing, including, with your consent, achieving a balance between legitimate interests, the need to conclude and run contracts and compliance with legal obligations, for various purposes, which are described below.

We also obtain data from third parties. We protect the data obtained from third parties in accordance with the practices described in this commitment, as well as any additional restrictions imposed by the data source. These third party sources vary in time and include:

  • Data brokers from which we purchase demographic data to supplement the data we collect.
  • Services that make available to other people the content generated by users from their service, such as reviews of local businesses or public posts on social networks.
  • Communication services, including email providers and social networks, when you give us permission to access your data in such services or third-party networks.
  • Service providers that help us determine the location of your device
  • The partners with whom we offer co-branding services or that we involve in common marketing activities.
  • Developers who create experiences for our products and services

When you are asked to provide personal data, you may refuse. Some of the features of our services require certain personal data to operate and will be provided. If you choose not to provide data that is necessary to operate and provide a service or feature, you may not use the service or feature. Similarly, when we have to collect personal data under the law or conclude or carry out a contract with you and do not provide the respective data, we will not be able to conclude the contract; or, if this refers to an existing service that you use, it is possible to suspend or cancel it. We will notify you at that time if applicable. Where the provision of such data is optional and you choose not to share personal data, the features that use that data, such as personalization, will not work for you.

The data we collect depends on the context of your interactions with and the decisions you make (including the privacy settings), the services and features you use, and the law in force.

The data we collect may include the following:

  • Name and contact details . Your first and last name, email address, postal address, telephone number and other similar contact details.
  • Accreditations . Passwords, passwords, and similar security information used for login and account access on the site .
  • When you contact us, for example to receive customer support, chat sessions with our representatives may be monitored and recorded.
  • Searches and orders . Search queries and commands when using the services with the help of search or productivity-related features.
  • Feedback and evaluations . The information you provide to us and the content of the messages you send us, such as feedback or questionnaire data you write.

The statistical data we collect may include the following:

  • The interactions . Data on how you use the products.
  • Data about the device, connectivity and use . Data about your device and the product and features you use, including information about the hardware, borwser and operating system used.
  • Data about the pages on our site you visit.
  • Location data. Data about the location of your device, which may be accurate or inaccurate.
  • Other entries . Other entries provided when you use our services.

Personal data and statistical data are distinct, and we make no links between them. For example: we know how many users are using a mobile device and we can make a top of the pages by the number of visitors, but we cannot know which device a particular user is using and which pages he has opened.

We do not collect and process sensitive data such as race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, life and sexual orientation, health, genetic data, criminal offenses, etc.

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2. How we use personal data

uses the data they collect to provide you with rich and interactive experiences. Specifically, we use the data for:

  • Providing our services as well as providing assistance.
  • Improve and develop our services;
  • To personalize our services and make recommendations
  • To offer advertisements and marketing content, including the sending of promotional communications, directing advertising and presenting relevant offers.

We also use data to conduct business, and this includes analyzing our performance, fulfilling legal obligations, developing our workforce and conducting research.

When we process personal data about you, we do so with your agreement and / or as necessary to provide the services you use, to conduct business, to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations, to protect the security of our systems and our clients or to fulfill other legitimate interests of them, as described in this section and in the "Reasons we share personal data" sections below.

More about processing purposes:

  • Customization . Some services include personalized features, such as recommendations that improve productivity and enjoyability. These features use automated processes to adjust product experiences based on the data we have about you, such as the deductions we make about you and how you use the product, activities, interests, and location.
  • Development of services . We use data to develop new services. For example, we use data, often devoid of identifiers, to better understand the demands of our customers that can shape the development of new services.
  • Customer support and consulting .
  • Promotional communications . We use the data we collect to deliver promotional communications. You can sign up for email subscriptions and choose whether you want to receive promotional communications by email, SMS, classic mail and phone.
  • Reporting and business operations . We use data to analyze our operations and perform business intelligence procedures. This allows us to make informed decisions and create reports on the performance of our business.
  • Compliance with legislation . We process the data to comply with the law. For example, we use the age of clients to ensure that we respect our obligations to protect the privacy of children. We also process contact information and credentials to help clients exercise their data protection rights.

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3. Reasons why we share personal data

We share your personal data with your agreement or if needed to complete a transaction or provide a service you have requested or authorized.

We also share data with distributors or agencies working on our behalf for the purposes described in this commitment. For example, the companies we have hired to provide customer support or help protect and secure our systems and services may need access to your personal data to provide those functions. In such cases, these companies must comply with our privacy and data security requirements and are not allowed to use personal data for other purposes.

Finally, we will keep, access, transfer, disclose and store personal data, when we consider in good faith that this is necessary for:

  1. comply with applicable law or respond to a valid legal process, including by law enforcement authorities or other government agencies;
  2. to protect our clients, for example, to prevent attempts to deceive the users of our services or to help prevent the loss of human life or to avoid serious harm;
  3. operate and maintain the security of our services, including to prevent or stop an attack on computer systems or networks, or
  4. to protect the rights or property, including the imposition of the clauses regarding the use of services

Please note that some of our products include links to third party products that have different privacy practices than those of us. If you provide personal data to any of these products, your data is governed by their privacy policies.

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4. Your rights

The right of access to personal data - you have the right to obtain, upon request (free of charge, for one request per year), confirmation of whether or not personal data are processed by, as well as the following information:

  • information regarding the purposes of processing, the categories of data envisaged and the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data are disclosed;
  • the communication in an intelligible form of the data that is the object of the processing, as well as of any available information regarding the origin of the data;
  • information on the operating principles of the mechanism by which any automatic processing of your data is performed;

The right to rectify personal data - you have the right to obtain, for free, through a written request (email or paper support), dated and signed:

  • rectifying, updating, blocking or deleting data whose processing is not in accordance with the law, especially incomplete or inaccurate data;
  • the transformation into anonymous data of data whose processing is not in accordance with Law no. 677/2001;
  • notification to third parties to whom the data has been disclosed, if such notification does not prove impossible or does not imply an effort disproportionate to the legitimate interest that could be harmed.

The right of opposition - you have the right to oppose at any time, by a written request (email or paper format), dated and signed, for well-founded and legitimate reasons related to your particular situation, such as the data that aims to be the subject of processing, except where there are contrary legal provisions. In case of justified opposition, the processing can no longer address the data in question.

Also, you have the right to object at any time, free of charge and without justification, that the data you are aiming to process for direct marketing purposes, on behalf of the operator or a third party, or to be disclosed to third parties for such purpose.

The right to be forgotten - you have the right to request the deletion of personal data for the following reasons:

  • they are no longer necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected / processed
  • withdrawal of consent and there is no other legal basis for processing
  • processing opposition
  • data processed illegally

The right to data portability - you have the right to receive personal data in a structured format, which can be read automatically by another operator, if possible. technical.

You may have these rights under applicable law, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but we offer them regardless of your location.

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5. Cookies and similar technologies

Cookies are small text files placed on the device to store data that can be found by a web server in the domain that placed the cookie. This data often consists of a string of numbers and letters that will uniquely identify your computer, but may also contain other information. Some cookies are placed by third parties acting on our behalf. We use cookies and similar technologies to store and honor your preferences and settings, provide you with the opportunity to connect, provide interest-based ads, combat fraud, analyze how our products work and meet other purposes. legitimate, described below.

How we use cookies and similar technologies

uses cookies and similar technologies for various purposes, depending on the context or product, including:

  • Storing your preferences and settings . We use cookies to store your preferences and settings on your device and improve your experience. Saving your preferences with cookies, such as your preferred language, will help you avoid having to set your preferences repeatedly.
  • Login and authentication . We use cookies to authenticate you. When you sign in to our website using an account, we store a unique ID number and login time in an encrypted cookie on your device. This cookie allows you to move from one page to another on the site, without you will need to login again on each page. You can also save your login information so that you need to log in every time you return to the site.
  • Social networks . Some of our websites include social media cookies, including those that allow users connected to the social networking service to share content through that service.
  • Feedback . uses cookies to allow you to provide feedback on a website.
  • Advertising display . uses cookies to record the number of visitors who clicked on an ad and to record which ads you saw, for example, so you don't see the same ad repeatedly.
  • Statistics . We use primary and third-party cookies, as well as other identifiers, to collect usage and performance data. For example, we use cookies to count the number of unique visitors to a web page or service and to create other statistics about the operations of our products.
  • Performance . uses cookies to understand and improve the way our products work. For example, we use cookies to collect data that helps balance server load; this helps us to ensure that our sites remain functional.

Some of the cookies we commonly use are listed below. This list is not complete, but it aims to illustrate the main objectives for which we usually set cookies. If you visit one of our websites, the site will set some or all of the following cookies:

  • CONSENT, cookie_consent - retain the option that you have become aware of when using Cookies
  • PHPSESSID - cookie used to hold the session when browsing the site
  • NID, UID, UIDR, __cfduid, __hstc - Session identifiers used in advertising by Google, Facebook, or others.
  • XSRF-TOKEN, contact-form-token - secure order or contact forms

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